Making a WebTV Chat

From the Ground Up

I am sorry I haven't been able to add anything to these pages lately. I have been busy setting up my new server and my domain hosting and web design services. I now have access to cgi and am about to write some new chats. Check back a little later to see whats new.


I have added a new feature to my sample chats. You can now edit them right there at the page and you can see what your edits will do. Once you are through editing you can copy the edited script and paste it to your page. It's cool. check it out

I am trying to add to this tutorial and make it a little simpler to follow while still helping to explain how it all works. You will need to know a little html but if you read the following pages, you should be on your way to making your own chat. Below I have a list of the various pages and a summary of what the pages contain. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to e-mail me or come on over and post your question at
. I'm not there much these days but someone there may be able to answer your questions.

Good luck!!

  1. The Most Humble Dump

  2. Adding to it

  3. Adding /msg's and pop up prompts

  4. Adding a room change, frames and aesthetics

  5. Welcome message, time, "no-dump" messages and more