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The Alternative Chat and Links Page

**Welcome to Freedom Chat Links!**
alt.discuss.WebTvIrc has now passed.
We want to thank you for your votes and invite everyone to visit!
If you have questions, want to share a new irc that you made, or just "lurk" and learn, join us at the link above !

When we started this page, we knew that Freedom has it's price and we are learning that more and more as we continue to grow and learn..
However we stand behind our promise to see to it that it will become the place where you will be able to find the chats, get info on alternative IRC servers, display your original chat designs and interesting copies, and you will be able to rest assured that we will stand behind the right to "Freedom of Speech" and never"refuse" any chat because of the content contained within ..

**We do however, assume no responsibilities for page content linked from this site**

As you may have seen, Talk City has become more controlling. Many of us are not happy with it. Their "IRCops" have always been a nuisance but the promotions and restriction imposed lately are more than I can bear. Many of you may feel the same way. We will be devoting much of my energy to providing lists of other IRC networks, working servers, and the most popular rooms.

In regard to the WebTv "IRC" crowd, we will give special recognition to Chat pages that are able to switch to servers other than Talk City. They are one server among hundreds. contrary to popular belief, you don't have to stay at talk city. The world of IRC is waiting for you beyond Talk City.

Anyway, I have made and am adding to the
IRC network server list.
I have connected to all the ones on the list from my chats, so I know the servers are working.There are many more servers and the list is growing. If you have connected to or know of others, e-mail them to me. I am also working on a couple of other things that people have been asking for for a long time... Check back to find out.

For now, if you have a WebTv "IRC" and you would like to have it listed here. You can write New0rleanslady or me at our usual addresses, or you can send the url to:
Please give us some idea as to the nature of discussion that might be taking place. This way we won't have people who are looking for html help wading through the sexy flirt chats to find some info, or the hip-hoppers wont have to load a bunch of Country music chats to find discussion on Tupac... hehehe..and visa versa. There will be few restrictions if any. Go ahead and "Laugh your ass off" or "bitch" to your hearts content. We want to allow everyone to promote their chat here. I wouldn't put one on here that was devoted to "rape/torture" or anything so vile, but we will make a space for most submissions.

This site is about chat freedom. So if you want freedom with your chat,bookmark this page and send in your chat. Now that I have the server list started, I am finally putting some pages together about writing JavaScript chats... I notice now that there are MANY "tutorials" springing up in the past week. I am still adding to mine... In the mean time you can still write me for information and you can still copy any of my chats. Just look through my chat index if you find one you want, copy it. Those cookie chats are a little more complicated than the old ones and may be difficult to transload to some servers in a working condition. (Angelfire) They may require some "fixing" once you get them there. I don't have the time to fix them for you. :-( sorry... I will upgrade your chat. I will put a changeroom script in it that is upgrade friendly, If you have a JavaScript chat on your homepage and you can't change rooms, just e-mail me

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