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Overview of Available Texis Web Script Tags
<A> function definition
<BREAK> exit loop
<CAPTURE> capture output
<DB> set database path
<EXEC> execute program
<EXPORT> retain variables across invocations
<IF>,<ELSE>,<ELSEIF> conditional execution
<LOOP> iterate through variables
<RETURN> exit function
<SQL> execute SQL statement
<SQLCACHE> control SQL handle caching
<SWITCH>,<CASE> multi-choice branch
<TIMEOUT> set timeout
<TIMPORT> general purpose data import
<USER>,<PASS> set user and password
<VERB> raw output
<Variable assignment> assign values to variables
<WHILE> conditional loop
<abstract> generate an abstract from text
<adminsql> execute arbitrary SQL
<apicp> modify Metamorph control parameters
<caldate> create date list from calendar submission
<calendar> print calendar form
<checkbox> print checkbox list
<clist> create comma-separated list
<count> return number of variable values
<createdb> create database
<decrypt> decrypt data
<encrypt> encrypt data
<exit> exit program
<fetch> fetch URL
<flush> flush output
<fmt>,<strfmt> formatted output
<fmtcp> set fmt control parameters
<getvar> get variable values
<hash> produce a hash for text
<loguser> log user accesses
<lower> convert to lower case
<mm> enable/disable automatic hit markup
<options> print options list
<pdfxml> convert Metamorph hit to PDF markup information
<pwencrypt> encrypt Unix-style password
<radiobutton> print radio buttons list
<rand> generate random number
<randpick> return random value of variable
<read> read files
<readvars> read URL-encoded variables
<resetstats> reset user statistics
<rex> regular expression search
<sandr> regular expression search and replace
<sb> enable/disable automatic search and replace
<send> print raw data
<setvar> set a named variable
<sleep> sleep for a while
<slist> create Metamorph set list
<sort> sort variables
<spew> print files
<split> regular expression split into values
<strcmp>,<strcmpi> compare strings
<strlen> length of string
<strncmp>,<strnicmp> compare strings, fixed length
<strrev> reverse string
<strstr>,<strstri> find substring in string
<strtonum> convert string to number
<submit> submit HTML form
<substr> extract substring from string
<sum> return sum of variable values
<uniq>,<uniqcount> produce unique list of values
<upper> convert to upper case
<urlcp> modify URL control parameters
<urlinfo> get detailed page info
<urltext>,<urllinks> get formatted text, URL links
<userstats> get user statistics
<wordlist>,<wordcount> get words and frequencies from index
<xtree> maintain sorted list of values
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